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Have a passion for beautiful stationery, journals and planners, too?

Learn how to design and self publish and sell your own stationery on Amazon with Pam Brossman's top selling program Self Publish Journals.

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want to take a moment and sincerely thank Pam Brossman and every amazing human for your guidance and the collective care and encouragement along the way.

I bought Pam's Self Publish Course on August 11th

Presentation Profits on Oct 31st.

Between all these courses and mentoring I took one idea #download and turned it into 3 products.

A journal

An Affirmation Card Deck

An ebook (digital version of the card deck)

My books launched on Amazing the week of Nov 6th and my Card Deck launched the 3rd week of November 2022.

As of today I have sold 49 books and 16 card decks. On Google searches Amazon is now the 8th thing that pops up!! My blog feed is on my author page!

Bowing in deepest gratitude

Selling and making profit does get to be this much FUN!!

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lisbeth overton dec 2022

2023 Notebooks Made With Pam's AI Art

click any image to grab journal on amazon [see samples video below]

same layout inside however, different images on the inside of each notebook.

2 years ago when I first created my coaching program I met a woman in a community where I designed my first workbook. I wasn't immersed in that community yet and the first time she offered her program it just wasn't the right time with various other projects going on, but when the student was ready she would teach me from not only where I was but how to catapult into a broader audience with a new found desire and passion.

At a time I was rebranding my business she took the time to teach and offer INCREDIBLE value for what she provides. She taught me to self publish my own journals in just 4 weeks, how to leverage Canva websites to design content that is beautiful and sought after. Her beautiful templates will be featured in my upcoming workshop as I am building them with her step by step.

If you are in the market to rebrand your business and are interested in how Canva can be that platform for you, Pam Brossman is the Master. I recommend Pam based on her response time, her no BS approach to work ethic, and most of all her infusion of support for those that show up. She has multiple times featured my work and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work with her.

Thank you Pam for sharing your gift with us and being there whether we're in business for 5 days or 15 years. Her courses meet you where you are and I have learned immensely.

Amanda Ewers November 2022

New Me Journals Set


I loved everything about it: the size, the cover and paper weights, the line spacing for writing, and the absolutely beautiful interior. I can hardly wait to start to journal in it and at the same time, I almost don't want to mark it in any way.

This journal definitely touched my heart and brought out the feminine side of me. Something that doesn't happen often with a husband and three sons. (I don't have any daughters.) When I opened the journal, I felt like it was created with me in mind. SEPT 2022

alice taylor| me journal

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This journal by Pam is so wonderful and beautiful that any person who receives this will be totally blown away by the gorgeous pictures, the inspiring quotes and the quality too.

An amazing gift to give for anytime of year and any celebration - birthday, graduation, Christmas, baby shower or “just because I want a journal”. Perfect for best friend gifts, mother / daughter gifts etc.I highly recommend everyone buy this journal and enjoy every moment of writing your hopes and dreams in it because it’s a journal you’ll want to keep forever.

Thank you Pam for designing & creating such beauty for us all to enjoy. SEPT 2022

Rebecca adams | me journal

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New Daily Dose of Positivity

Wow Pam Thank you so much for your support...

This is the best course ever and I'm going to tell everyone about it!

4 weeks and it's good to go!!

So much bang for our buck!!

Thank you SEPT 2022

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Valerie vivier |

New Affirmations Book & Journal

Inspirational Notebook For Women

Daily Planner For Women

Seriously I start my day with your Daily planner for dynamos (the turquoise one) because it sets my daily energy at a high vibe. Yes it's beautiful but it really conveys your positive mentoring can do go getter spirit

marnie A | dynamos Planner

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My Goals Blush Series

I can't count the number of journals and trackers, and calendars and 'inspirational' books I have that just end up in the bottom drawer.

'll actually use this one. It's easy to use, it's pretty to look at, and it actually makes sense to me.

linda e | My Goals Planner

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To Do List Notebook For Women

Blank Family Recipe Books

available in all amazon stores so type in pam brossman blank cook books in your country's amazon store

I'm using my Dynamo planner now.

I love it It looks beautiful. thank you for creating this beautiful journal and the wonderful memories from this Self Publish Journals class.

Marnie A | Daily Planner

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About Pam Brossman

Wisdom is a gift only you can give, be generous.

Pam Brossman

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happy customers

I really find this journal very helpful, it keeps me on track as I use it as my accountability partner. Highly recommended!

v Darivas | my goals planner

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Wow this is such a pretty book and I’m excited to leverage this starting now, as it will help set me up for the new year! The layout is simple and clear and beautiful too! I recommend it for sure. I also saw the author has more books so I plan on checking them out!

d Delgado | Manifesting Divas

Quotation Mark

OMG! I absolutely love this Gratitude Manifestation Journal. It's the perfect size and it's laid out brillantly for anyone that wants to focus on Gratitude & Manifesting in their life. Plus all the extra things provided in the journal are amazing as well. Well designed and beautiful. I will be adding this one to my list to purchase again & again! It's great for gifts as well.

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Customer | Manifesting

This is a nice to do list journal. I highly recommend it to everyone. It is really great having my to do list in one journal instead of being in several different places which allows me to stay focus on my completing my task. Love the size and space for keeping notes as well.

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customer | to do list

Highly recommend this amazing course, I’ve gone from ‘wouldn’t have a clue’ to publishing 5 notebooks in 3 weeks! Absolutely amazing & great investment!

Pam Brossman is so generous with her knowledge and YOU WILL have your ‘dream’ published on Amazon if that’s your intention

Paula Westaway Apr 2022

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I love working with Pam Brossman. She is a Rockstar and a Maven when it comes to Digital Marketing!

Her classes are fun, exciting and she over-delivers. Her speed of implementation is remarkable and the secret strategies she teaches, are so far ahead of the learning curve, I covet her every word.

Every workshop I've taken has helped me grow my brand and grow my business exponentially. Thank you Pam for pouring your passion into your students. I'm looking forward to what I'll learn next from you.

sal harper Apr 2022

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I would strongly advise you to take Pam Brossman 's course! She's amazing, next week we are having our 4th week of training and mine is already uploaded on Amazon KDP awaiting for approval so it can go live. 100% Recommended!

Leah Rubi Apr 2022

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